Proiect Short Term EVS

Se cauta 7 voluntari pentru proiectul Short Term EVS: Environment under construction

Proiectul va avea loc in perioada 15 august – 15 octombrie 2012, in Serbia.

Aplicatiile voastre (CV si scrisoare de motivare in engleza) sunt asteptate pana in  22 martie 2012 la adresa:

Environment under construction

First phase activities:

  • Restoration and cleaning of the protected area
  • Work on “educational/touristic” path through the area
  • Repairing and maintenance of existing outdoor furnishing infrastructure and the educational panels
  • Shooting the area and its wildlife with the photo cameras (with the help of students) and making the archive for further usage
  • Work on maintenance of the area around the eco house
  • Planning the educational activities for the visitors

Second phase activities:

  • Making the promotional activities of the Special preserve to the citizens
  • Designing and making the promo material
  • Making and translating the web site about the Special preserve
  • Helping the activities regarding the Special preserve

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